How to Invite Someone to Google Meet [Add People in Meeting]

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How to Invite Someone to Google Meet [Add People in Meeting]

Google Meet is a popular tool for virtual meetings, and knowing how to invite someone to a meeting is essential for seamless collaboration. Whether for work, school, or personal use, here’s a guide on how to add people in a Google Meet meeting.

Inviting People to Google Meet

There are several ways to invite people to a Google Meet session:

1. Via Google Calendar:

You can invite people to a scheduled Google Meet session by adding them to the event in Google Calendar. Simply create an event, add guests’ email addresses, and generate a Google Meet link for the meeting.

2. Inviting From Inside Meet:

If you are already in a Google Meet session, you can invite others by clicking on the ‘People’ button and then selecting ‘Add People’. Enter the email addresses of the individuals you want to invite.

3. Sharing Meeting Link:

You can copy the meeting joining information (link) and share it with the participants directly through various communication channels such as emails, messaging apps, or other preferred platforms.

4. Using A Nickname:

If you have set a nickname for your Google Meet, you can simply share the nickname with the participants, and they can join the meeting using the designated nickname.

5. Sharing Through Google Classroom:

For educators using Google Classroom, it’s possible to share the Google Meet link directly through the Classroom platform for students to access the meeting.

Admitting or Removing Participants

During a Google Meet session, as a host, you have the ability to manage the participants. You can admit individuals who are waiting to join the meeting and also remove participants if needed.

  • When a request to join the meeting appears, simply click on ‘Admit’ to allow the individual to join, or ‘Deny’ to reject the request.
  • If there are multiple participants waiting to join, you can choose to admit or deny them individually by clicking on the respective options.
  • If a participant needs to be removed from the meeting, the host has the authority to do so during the session.
How to Invite Someone to Google Meet [Add People in Meeting]


Create a Meeting Invite

To create a meeting invite for Google Meet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Google Meet app on your device.
  2. Click on ‘New’ at the bottom right corner to create a new meeting.
  3. Once the meeting is created, you can either copy the meeting link or directly share it with the participants.

How to Invite Someone to Google Meet [Add People in Meeting]


Google Meet Hardware Help

If you are using Google Meet hardware, such as Chromebox or Chromebase, the process of inviting people remains similar. Simply click or tap on ‘Add People’, enter the email addresses, and send the invites.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Invite Someone To Google Meet [add People In Meeting]

How Do I Add Someone To A Google Meeting Invite?

To add someone to a Google Meet invite, click “Add people” and enter their email address. Then, click “Send invite. “

How Do I Add People To Google Meet?

To add people to a Google Meet, click “Add people,” then “Invite,” enter their email, and send the invite.

How Do I Give Someone Access To My Google Meet?

To invite someone to your Google Meet, follow these steps: 1. Open your Google Meet and start a meeting. 2. At the bottom right, click on the “People” icon. 3. Click on “Add people” and enter the email address of the person you want to invite.

4. Click on “Send invite” to send the invitation. 5. The person will receive an email with the meeting details and can join the meeting by clicking on the link.

How Do I Create A Meeting Invite On Google Meet?

To create a meeting invite on Google Meet, follow these steps: 1. Open the Google Meet app. 2. Tap on the “New” button at the bottom right. 3. Select the option to create a new meeting. 4. Choose how you want to share the meeting link (via copy or share).

5. Send the invite by email or text. That’s it! Your meeting invite is ready to be sent to participants.


Knowing how to invite someone to a Google Meet session and add people during a meeting is crucial for effective virtual collaboration. With these simple steps, you can seamlessly invite, admit, and manage participants for a productive Google Meet experience.

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